Google Ad

Google Ad Service is a powerful tool that helps authors promote their books online, reaching more readers and boosting sales. With Great Writers Media’s Google Ad Service, authors can effectively showcase their work and engage with readers actively seeking new books.

Hollywood Campaigns

Are you an author seeking to elevate your literary career? Prepare for your story to soar! With gripping characters, an exhilarating plot, and breathtaking visuals, Hollywood stands poised to transform your vision. Connect with audiences worldwide, team up with industry professionals, and create a lasting impact. Embark on this cinematic adventure and witness your imagination captivate Hollywood like never before!

Our services:

  • Book-to-screen Adaptation Proposal
  • Hollywood Coverage
  • Hollywood Treatment
  • Hollywood Screenplay
  • Pitch Fest Campaign

Our expert team specializes in adapting books for Hollywood, preserving your unique vision while captivating audiences worldwide. With our extensive industry connections, we’ll help you get noticed by top producers and studios. We go beyond the screenplay, providing strategic promotion and additional services to maximize your success. Don’t miss this opportunity to see your book transformed into a Hollywood blockbuster. Contact us today and make your mark in the entertainment industry!

Book Fairs

Imagine your book showcased in front of thousands of literary enthusiasts, industry professionals, and potential readers all gathered under one roof at a book fair. Gain maximum exposure, captivating hearts and minds hungry for fresh and compelling stories. It’s a networking bonanza, where you can forge connections with fellow authors, agents, publishers, and influencers, opening doors to collaborations that elevate your career. Engage directly with your target audience, meeting readers eager to discover new authors and forging lasting connections through personal encounters. The book fair is a realm of boundless opportunities where your book can shine, your voice can be heard, and your dreams can be realized. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to step into the limelight and let the world celebrate your literary masterpiece at the book fair.

Brick and Mortar Book Campaigns

We do all the legwork:

From crafting a compelling pitch to identifying bookstores that align to your book’s genre, target audience, and geographical reach, and creating marketing materials

Our campaigns results to books being shelved; offered consignment or wholesale and you our authors even end up being invited to attend author events.

Digital Marketing

Let’s contribute to your success by generating fresh content, driving traffic to your website, social media in establishing authority, fostering engagement, improving site structure, facilitating social sharing, and supporting marketing and conversion efforts. Our digital marketing offerings:

  • Facebook Promotions
  • YouTube Ads
  • Website Campaigns

Book reviews

Elevate your book’s success with exceptional professional book review service.

Publishing Services

Our expertise lies in the realm of branding, where we specialize in bringing your books to life from cover to cover.

With our deep understanding of branding principles and strategies, we have the ability to create captivating and visually stunning book covers that effectively convey the essence of your story. We meticulously craft designs that align with your vision and resonate with your target audience, ensuring that your book stands out on the shelves and captures the attention of potential readers.

But our expertise doesn’t stop at the cover. We believe in the power of cohesive and immersive experiences throughout the entire book. From the typography and layout to the choice of colors and imagery, we carefully curate each element to enhance the reader’s journey and create a lasting impression.

We go beyond aesthetics and delve into the soul of your book, working closely with you to understand its themes, characters, and unique selling points. By intertwining these elements with our branding expertise, we create a seamless fusion of design and storytelling that elevates your book to new heights.

Partnering with us means gaining a team of passionate professionals dedicated to bringing your vision to reality. We are committed to excellence and take pride in our ability to transform your book into a captivating visual masterpiece, leaving a lasting impression on readers and enhancing your overall brand identity.

Trust us to breathe life into your books, ensuring that every page reflects the quality, authenticity, and passion that make your stories truly remarkable.

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